Claw bolts (bucket bolts) in accordance with DIN 15237

Claw bolts (bucket bolts) in accordance with DIN 15237

The bolts that we sell are equipped with large heads which means they do not need any claw pads to make the heads bigger.

  • In the past head bolts with the head approximately 10 mm smaller were used which often ended up with pulling the bolts out of the elevator’s belts and larger buckets detachment.
  • Currently we sell connectors made of: claw bolts with large and medium size heads, spherical pad, and self-locking nut. All done to secure the bucket against possible unscrewing.
  • If a bucket does not have an injection under a bolt’s head, we suggest using pads in accordance with DIN9021 (pads of enlarged diameter)

Notice: the table includes approximate dimensions

  • D1 – External diameter of a bolt’s head
  • L – The Total length of a screw
  • D2 – External diameter of a pad
  • d – A hole in a pad
  • s – The thickness of a pad
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