About us

We are a trusted manufacturer and distributor of metal parts. We operate on the international market by providing products of the highest quality. We are professional and flexible when it comes to organization of production and trade according to DIN standards and individual needs.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. All products are subjected to quality control at every stage of production.

What we do

We operate in the metallurgical industry. Mainly metal products used in silos, conveyors and many other steel structures are produced. In addition to products available in our offer, we produce individual orders.

Currently in production and sale
  • CONVEYORS for bulk materials, in particular:
    cement, lime, gypsum. Transportation can be done in a vertical, horizontal or tilt position.
  • CONVEYORS (Bucket) for raw materials for processing. Mining Industry (storage yards, steel, hot iron ore)
  • CONVEYORS for the ready components’ transportation. Foundries (transport of finished castings)
  • CONVEYORS sused to maintain a specific temperature feedstock.
    – steel mill
    – aluminum mill
    – others
  • CONVEYORS for the transport of materials in the food industry.
    – Sugar factories
    – Companies producing animal feed
    – others
  • CONVEYORS used in agriculture.
    – Grain warehouses
    – Transport of other agricultural products (corn, potatoes, beets, etc.)